Monday, September 26, 2011

About me

My name is Gregg Hoffman. As of this moment, I consider myself to be a free market, anarcho-libertarian. This blog is set up as an outlet for me to express my political and economic views. I will link to other articles, you tube videos, and other sources related to such topics. As time goes on and I become better versed on these subjects, I will also write articles and blog my thoughts.
Up until 9/11 happened, I really did not pay much attention to politics, nor did I do any serious study of economics or monetary policy. I devoted my energy to my career as a personal trainer. When 9/11 happened, I owned a personal training studio that was cash flowing over $30,000.00 a month. Literally money coming in hand over fist with this type of business. I had plans of expansion as well. After 9/11, business slowed down. It dropped 50%. Still thinking about "growth" and building other cash flow businesses, I opened another studio and trained a couple of trainers to manage the locations. I also started buying rental properties and houses for fix and flips (all with 100% financing). I also started a real estate business with my future wife. I never felt on top of the world while juggling all of these enterprises. I had to take from "Paul to pay for Peter" to keep things going. I also finagled up to $200,000.00 of credit from many different banks in an effort to keep the balls up in the air. 2008 came along and the sub prime crisis hit. I knew I was in trouble. I still was not cash flowing from my personal training studios, and my rental properties all were negative cash flowing. To pour salt on the wound, I lost $20,00 on my first fix and flip. I knew I had to learn some lessons. I did better on my second (profiting $1,800.00. Not a lot, but at least going the right direction...or so I thought). Things went from bad to worse. The negative cash flow and accumulating debt crushed me. I filed for bankruptcy. Even though I was depressed, I still had high aspirations for building wealth. I devoted time to studying economics in general. Of all the schools of economic thought available, I found Austrian economics to best tell the story of what works, what doesn't, and why.
Through studying Austrian economics, my political beliefs went through a transformation as well. When I wasn't paying much attention, I leaned toward a more liberal/progressive outlook (needles to say, I voted Democrat). While building my business, I shifted to a more Republican view. But as I learned more about how free markets really worked, I realized that an anarcho-libertarian philosophy and form of governance leads to the best prosperity and freedom for all.
This is my journey. This is what I will share. 

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